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Union offers many styles of classes, for all levels of experience.  Beginners are welcome!


We believe variety is the spice of life.  Find everything from yoga and meditation or restful restorative classes to vinyasa-inspired flow or intense muscle-toning fusion classes. 

*In-studio classes are on hiatus due to Covid-19 — join us for daily online classes!



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HATHA – active class at a slower, informative pace

Move through foundational yoga postures one at a time, breathe deeply, and practice being in the moment. Hatha classes promote balance, strength, flexibility, and stillness in the mind, and are suitable to all levels. Beginner-friendly.

FLOW – active class with a faster pace, linking poses to breath

Flow classes change postures with each breath to create a moving meditation and build heat in the body. They are Inspired by Vinyasa yoga in the tradition of Sri Kirshnamacharya. Flow classes cultivate strength and flexibility, get your heart rate up, and are suited to anyone with a good foundation in yoga postures who is open to play and creative sequencing. We don't recommend this class for beginners until you feel strong and comfortable in a Hatha Class (both when moving between postures, and when holding in a specific shape). Flow is most enjoyable when you are familiar with yoga postures and can transition smoothly from one posture to the next. Level 2 Flow caters to experienced community members who are working on strength, arm-balances, and and who seek that extra degree of challenge.

RESTORATIVE – restful, peaceful and supportive class

Restorative yoga is a meditative class geared towards to opening the body and stilling the mind through supported resting postures. Some of our clients playfully call it "adult nap time" becaue it's so mellow and refreshing. Restorative yoga is a wonderful complement to more active yoga practices. Yoga props (bolsters, blankets, etc.) are used to achieve comfortable and supported postures to passively stretch the body. Very beginner-friendly.

YIN – long-held poses offer challenge and deep release

Yin Yoga moves at a slower pace, with each shape held for a long time. The benefits of Yin are found in giving the fascial networks in the body a gentle stretch which, held for several minutes, allows the fascia to relax. We recommend Yin when you are comfortable in a Hatha practice, and when you feel attuned to the limits and needs of your body. This class can be an interesting experience for those who are newer to yoga, as long-held postures come with their challenges.

NIDRA – restful, cozy class with guided imagery and deep meditation

This accessible, restful class is built around stillness, intention-setting, breathwork. Nidra settles us into a comfortable resting savasana, while the instructor guides us into progressively deeper levels of relaxation. Participants leave feeling rested and connected. This class may involve some gentle movement, and is very beginner-friendly. If you are interested in meditation — even if you find it very challenging — Nidra can help you find the ease you are looking for.

LOVE YOUR BRAIN FRIENDLY – specially-trained instructors supporting the TBI community

To support members of our community who have experienced Traumatic Brain Injuries, we host in-studio classes with dimmed lighting and muted sound, led by specially-trained instructors. These classes are offered thanks to Union's partnership with the LoveYourBrain Foundation.

FUSION – combines flow & pilates for a challenging, strength-building class

The best of a strengthening yoga flow and Pilates class all wrapped up into one awesome movement experience. Creative sequencing will target different areas of the body, and sequencing changes each class. Have a towel handy — you are sure to sweat and feel the burn!

PILATES – targets core-strength and stabilizer muscules using resistance bands and exercise balls


BODY TONE – challenging, toasty fitness-inspired class with great music

Join Darcy for her fitness-inspired Body Tone. The pace is fast, and weights and resistance bands add extra challenge! If you are looking to sweat and raise your heart rate, this class is exactly the energizing experience you are looking for.

ACCESSIBLE YOGA – chairs and modifications personalize your class to suit your needs

Accessible Yoga offers postures along with an array of modifications so they can be enjoyed by anybody, no matter their range of motion, strength, or experience. Chairs are always in the room, and may be used anytime you like as ether a seat, a prop, or an extra point of balance.

YOGA + MEDITATION – an accessible active practice followed by meditation

Yoga and Meditation offers a movement practice that can be adapted to all bodies, and all ranges of motion, followed by guided meditation. It is a wonderful, supportive practice for seasonies yoga practicioners and beginners alike!

FLOW + RESTORE – active practice followed by resting shapes, supported with props

This class is a perfect balance of active and restful yoga practice. Warm up the body as you move through a vinyasa-inspired flow class at a brisk pace, and then surrender body and mind to a slow and soothing restorative practice. Leave feeling calm and refreshed!

BEGINNER YOGA – teaches fundamental yoga postures


QUEER + TRANS YOGA – by and for members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community

This in-studio class is currently on hiatus due to Covid-19. Queer + Trans in-studio classes are taught by 2SLGBTQI+ instructors who are trauma informed. These classes are offered at sliding scale pricing. This class is not for allies, though we appreciate your enthsiasm!

PRENATAL YOGA – preregistered series for expecting parents, taught by specially trained instructors

We run prenatal yoga series throughout the year. We encourage you to enroll early to secure your spot! Our prenatal instructor is also a Doula, and can be tremendously supportive and knowledgeable. All expecting parents are welcome!

PARENT + BABY – preregistered series for all parents & pre-crawlers

Parents of any gender and their babies are welcome to enroll in Parent + Baby series, or simply drop-in! We often have a few extra spaces. Our specially-trained instructors guide a practice, help keep your little one calm, and are perfectly fine with you taking breaks to cuddle, feed, etc.

CORE FLOW – challenging flow class emphasizing core strength and stability

Core Flow is a yoga practice that draws on fitness and Pilates to introduce stategic holds, modifications, and repetition to build heat and fire up your core. Expect to feel challenged! This class is not recommended for beginners.

BIPOC YOGA – by and for the BIPOC community

BIPOC YOGA is a class exclusively for folx who identify as Black, Brown, Indigenous, or People of Colour, taught by a BIPOC instructor. Come to breathe, move and rest together in community. Exclusive classes like these aim to create safer spaces, and are much needed in these turbulent times. Students can expect a slower paced class with gentle movement, breathwork and guided meditation.