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Welcome, parents and parents-to-be!

Prenatal + Postnatal

Our instructors provide extra care and support for our prenatal & postnatal clients.  Try classes with Krista, Taryn, Jaimée, and Ruby!  Below is a list of prenatal-friendly classes offered right now. 

Postnatal?  You'll also enjoy prenatal-friendly classes, along with core-strengthening Pilates or Fusion classes with Krista, Scotty, Tyler, and Tash; plus any of our yoga classes!  Postnatal folks find Warm and Hot classes especially helpful to ease sore muscles. (Childcare comes with a lot of lifting and carrying, doesn't it?)  Heat can helps you relax and recharge.   

TIP — Look for the letter "P" next to instructor names on our Full Class Schedule of classes at the studio and online.  This tells you the instructor will offer additional support and care to prenatal participants in their classes.

prenatal-friendly classes

Prenatal-friendly friendly classes we run every week (updated Nov 21, 2022)

Mon 6pm — Beginner Yoga with Taryn

Mon 7:30pm — Hatha + Restorative with Taryn

Tues 9:30am — Flow with Jaimée

Tues 12pm — Hatha + Meditation with Ruby

Wed 5:30pm — Hatha with Tash

Thurs 5:30pm — Warm Hatha with Krista

Thurs 7pm — Warm Flow with Scotty

Thurs 7:15pm — Restorative + Gentle Yoga with Krista (til end of 2022)

Fri 4:30pm — Hatha + Relax with Erick

Sat 10am — Hatha with Tef

Sun 8:30pm — online Yoga Nidra with Taryn (improves sleep!)


1) Instructors with a "P" next to their name on our class schedule have additional skills, knowledge and/or training specific to all prenatal and postnatal clients.


2) Postnatal Tip: try some Hatha classes before jumping into faster-paced flow class to assess how you feel & learn modifications that support your body.

3) Add your email for updates on events like specialized prenatal & postnatal series, as well as deals and sales.


4)  Find classes quickly: click the calendar icon at the top right of any page of this website to view our full schedule.  Booking classes / updating your bookings is easiest on our app for Apple or AndroidKeep reading for specialized prenatal and postnatal series.

prenatal + postnatal series

Specialized Series

Prenatal & postnatal series taught in small groups by highly-trained specialized instructors are offered based on demand.  Unlike our classes, these must be booked in advance, with the full series paid upfront.

We mark these series "on hiatus" when they are not currently running, with options to request them so we can run series based on demand.  Once we have enough folks waitlisted to run a series, we will reach to offer you priority enrollment!  It's also a great idea to add your email to receive Series and Event notifications, plus deals and sales.

Prenatal Yoga series

→ Parent + Baby Yoga series

Postnatal Pilates series

Prenatal Yoga series

On Hiatus — Each Prenatal Yoga session within the series includes a 60 minute specialized prenatal yoga class, and an optional 15 minute community discussion + personal check in after class ends. 

Prenatal Series are led by a specially-trained prenatal yoga instructor who is also a doula.  They are designed to be well-rounded giving you an opportunity to move, breathe, relax and connect with both your baby and other expecting parents. Suitable for all levels and all trimesters, and no yoga experience required.

Parents-to-be of all gender identities and expressions are welcome.

Parent + Baby Yoga series

On Hiatus — Our postnatal-friendly Parent + Baby yoga series give new parents with pre-crawlers a chance to relax, limber up, and meet other new parents in the area.  They are a wonderful way to build community, and to feel supported while you navigate life with your little one.  Parents of all gender expressions are welcome, whether you are the birth parent, or not!    


Our elevator will take your stroller right up to our studio, and you are welcome to feed your baby during class, snuggle them into a cozy next of blankets and bolsters, and to step out of the classroom to soothe your child in our lounge when needed.  If your baby has trouble settling, the instructor will often step in to assist or hold them during class.

Prenatal Yoga
Parent + Baby

Postnatal Pilates series

On Hiatus — A Postnatal Pilates series focus on rebuilding your core strength which supports both your back-health and pelvic floor.  Anyone who has given birth benefits, no matter how many years it has been since you had your child!  For newer parents, this series can improve lingering pain, and improves strength and stamina to help you lift, carry, and play with your child with more ease. 


Parents of all gender expressions are welcome, whether you are the birth parent, or not! Participants who are birth-parents should be fully healed, and if there were incisions to facilitate the birth of your child, we recommend being cleared by your doctor before enrollment.

Postnatal Pilates
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