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Meet our

Union Team

Staff and instructors are knowledgable and welcoming.  We'd love to speak with you about building your practice, modifying to accommodate injury or joining as a new client!  Meet the team:

→ Instructors at Union Yoga

→ Get to know the Studio Team

Our class schedule shows instructor info:​


M – plays music

T – trauma informed

P – prenatal support


Scotty best headshot.png

Scotty Mac

Yoga + Pilates Instructor

Tash headshot.png

Tash Francesca

Yoga, Barre + Fusion


Liz Headshot.jpg

Liz Coucean

Yoga Instructor

Farley Headshot 2.jpg

Farley Tarn

Yoga Instructor

Gaby Headshot.jpg

Gaby Alanes

Yoga  Instructor

Angelica Headshot 2.jpg

Angelica Rao

Yoga Instructor


Indu Vashist

Yoga Instructor

Tef Headshot 2022.jpg

Tef Shojai

Yoga Instructor

Erick Headshot2.png

Erick Stewart

Yoga + Pilates Instructor

Steph Headshot.png

Stephanie McAllister

Yoga Instructor

Talea Zuk.jpg

Talea Zuk

Yoga + Pilates Instructor

Tyler Headshot 2021.jpeg

Tyler Jackson

Yoga, Pilates + Functional Movement Instructor

Taryn headshot.png


Yoga + Barre instructor

Jaimee 2021 headshot.jpg

Jaimée Horn

Yoga Instructor

Krista headshot.png

Krista Janke

Yoga + Pilates Instructor

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 8.33.02 PM.png

Melissa Lesic

Yoga Instructor

erika headshot.jpeg

Erika Suárez

Pilates Instructor

Union Yoga Instructors

The Studio Team

Ruby Headshot Square.png

Ruby K

Studio Director, Occupational Therapist, Meditation Coach

Union's good vibes and sense of community reflect Ruby's warm and welcoming spirit, and original intention to provide "a place for all." Connect with her to share ideas and offer feedback, or drop in to one of her meditation classes or groups.


Sarah W

Operations Manager

Sarah works closely with our team of instructors to provide the classes you know and love.  She keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes at the studio.  Sarah's creativity and artistry shine through the many projects she undertakes to create the cozy space we hold dear, including murals and chalkboards.  Connect with Sarah to rent our space or bring yoga to your workplace!

Leia Headshot 2020.jpg

Leia G

Membership + Communications Manager

Leia is happiest solving puzzles, ensuring you have a wonderful experience, and helping tailor the perfect pass to meet your needs.  Connect with her when you have questions about billings, classes or your account, or when have feedback.  Troubleshooting? Tap her expertise with our online platform.  Have a brilliant idea?  Please share!

Indu Headshot 2021.png

Indu V

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Indu is both an instructor and strives to incorporate procedural fairness and natural justice in all of her work.  She has been working with the Union team to evolve transparent policies and procedures that are accessible for everyone to understand.  In this role, Indu ensures everyone has the opportunity to be heard; promotes conflict resolution; and facilitates fair, equitable mediation.

Kamille Grant headshot.png

Kamille G

Desk Staff

You'll find Kamille handling some of our busiest shifts with a welcoming smile.  She is a natural seeker of knowledge, and can help you find the answer to any questions about your account.  Kamille's love for Union's community is reflected in the meticulous care and attention she devotes to our customers and our space alike.

Nicole headshot circle crop.png

Nicole B

Desk Staff

Nicole is masterful at taking great care of our clients, and continually upgrading our space.  Her skills in staging and visual merchandising are just outstanding.  So happy she is part of out team!

Kate headshot circle crop.png

Kate H V

Desk Staff

Find Kate at our front desk most days of the week.  She is knowledgeable and very happy to help you make the most of your time at Union.  We love her, and we're sure you will, too!

Staff Thank You 2.png

It takes a village

We offer heartfelt thanks everyone who has helped us along the way. ♥

We are grateful to all of the EEs, RMTs, instructors, and YTT faculty who have worked with us over the years.  Union wouldn't be the same with you.  Thank you so much to our former managers and staff: Nicky Y. — Pia S. — Lauren D. — Yoanna S. — Jyoti P. — Jenny W. — Katie P. — Sarah R. — Peter M. — Stephen L. — Quinn B. – Vinique L.  — Kate H. V. — Your contributions have been immeasurable.

Staff & Management
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