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Massage Therapy is tailored to meet your needs.  Treat yourself to a massage with one of our Registered Massage Therapists.  Our flat rates are competitive, and include HST. 


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UPDATE: Massage therapy is available!  Currently, it is the only service at 956 Bloor St W.

For questions or rescheduling, please email us at massage [at] unionyogastudio [dot] ca

24-hours notice by email is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment. The first time an appointment is missed, half the normal fee will be charged. Thereafter, the full fee will apply.


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10% discount available to seniors over 60, and full-time students.


24-hours notice is required to cancel a massage booking. 

Massage Styles

We offer several styles of massage including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone massage. 

Specialized services are also available: prenatal massage, infant massage, parent + baby massage.


A therapeutic and relaxing treatment focussed on your soft tissue and joints. Swedish massages are tailored to meet your specific needs. This treatment is ideal if you’re looking to relax or ease tension caused by stress or injury.


This treatment is well suited for anyone who is a bit harder on their body. By targeting specific areas – including your fascia – this massage helps to loosen knots and ease chronic muscle problems.


This ancient technique uses heated stones paired with Swedish massage to help you relax, release, and rejuvenate. This treatment is not recommended for clients who are pregnant or have high blood pressure.


Pregnancy massage helps promote healthy circulation, improve sleep, and reduces stress and pain. Client comfort is important, and this treatment often involves alternate positions with added pillows. While massage is a safe form of treatment during your pregnancy, we encourage you to consult your doctor before booking.


Infant massage gently nurtures relaxation.  This can soothe your little one into healthier sleep patterns. 


Give yourself and your little one a space to relax and find ease.  Massage treatment time is split between parent and child, to support your family's wellbeing.


Meet Our RMTs


Jamie graduated from Elmcrest College of Applied Health Sciences in 2007. Having a passion for health and wellness, she believes that we all have the power to heal ourselves through listening to our bodies and feels that massage can assist the body into a restorative and healing state.


Through intuitive touch, Jamie works within the individuals comfort level in order to ease pain and discomfort while allowing the body and mind to relax. She has additionally taken courses in hot stone therapy, postnatal and infant massage.

Also working full-time as a Registered Nurse, Jamie loves the added knowledge and challenge that nursing brings to her work in healthcare and loves being able to try and bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicine.

Interests outside of massage include reading, running, yoga, fitness and nutrition (plant-based), baking, and music.


Annette is a graduate of Sutherland Chan’s School and Teaching Clinic. Connecting to the body through movement, touch and bodywork is a central piece of Annette’s life and personal healing. The joy of feeling safe, strong and fluid in the body is what she seeks to share with her clients.

Her education in Massage Therapy and Biology has given her a foundation of knowledge; yet, it is only integrated the lived experience of healing from many injuries and treating others during their healing process.

She believes healing power of the body comes from tapping into the instinctual and sensual body that so often gets put on the back burner. She strives to discover, with each unique client, what feels good and healthy to them. She also seeks to share her understanding of movement and holding patterns, introducing clients to unconscious parts of their body in order to treat connected pain and tension.

Annette enjoys diversity in her practice as treatment focus ranges from soft tissue injuries, pain syndromes, depression, anxiety to deep relaxation. She uses a range of techniques (Swedish massage, myofascial treatment, stretching, joint mobilization) as she caters to each person. Her gentle, intuitive approach works alongside the nervous system to best allow changes to integrate. Supported by her further education, such as Visceral Manipulation (Level 1 Barral Institute), she loves to introduce clients to abdominal treatment, a psychosomatic centre which influences the whole person. Passionate about the body, psyche and spirit inspired further courses in Somatic Experiencing (Beginners 1) which seeks to address trauma stored in a wound up nervous system.


Central to Kathryn’s practice are principles of empathy, humility, honesty and holism. She believes that everyone should feel comfortable, secure, confident and mobile within their bodies to the best of their abilities.  Her treatments are aimed at working towards this with her patients to help increase their body awareness in order to help improve their quality of life. This includes considering neurological, biomechanical, physiological, social, and emotional factors.

Kathryn graduated from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic. Her techniques seek a broad calming of the nervous system as well as specific targeted work to areas of the body that may need attention.  This targeted work addresses each patient’s personal health concerns and goals making Kathryn’s treatments highly individualized.

Kathryn has experience working with a variety of patients including seniors, athletes, people with acute and persistent pain, people experiencing neurological symptoms, pre/post natal, people dealing with cancer, pre/post operation, patients dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.

A tranquil environment combined with her calm demeanour, extensive training in dance/movement and a touch based on intention translates gracefully into her hands and the pace of your treatment. Expect to hear beautiful atmospheric music during your appointment as Kathryn is exploring how sound can help facilitate your treatment.


Quinn [ze/zir/they/them] is a strong-hearted and level-headed non-binary human from the queer communities of Montreal. Originally a Reiki Practitioner and Yoga instructor, Quinn pursued Massage Therapy in Ontario in determination to integrate alternative and holistic healing approaches with more mainstream, evidence based forms of medicine; and to bring mainstream medicine in closer reach of marginalized bodies.

Quinn’s practice is rooted in zir experience and education from various anti-oppressive based support work and trainings. Always working to meet each individual on their level, Quinn’s centers each treatment around creating as safe and as comfortable of a therapeutic environment as possible. Through strong and respectful communication, Quinn works to collaborate with clients and their bodies to support them through the therapeutic process.


Starting with orthopaedic assessment and weaving together a variety of techniques (including Swedish, joint mobilizations, active release, myofascial release and more) Quinn always seeks to treat the root of the issue. Quinn has a particular interest in sports injury and rehab, scar tissue, fascial lines, and mental health. Every session is completed with a thorough check in. You will always leave with some form of home care to continue your body’s recovery, healing or maintenance.


When not treating or teaching/practicing yoga, you can find Quinn singing to zir new little niece, deadlifting at the gym, planning their near future van conversion, or hanging out at MEC.

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