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Please respect Union Yoga's

Studio Policies

Union's policies are vital to the health and longevity of our family-owned small business.  They help offer a safe, equitable experience for everyone in our community. 


Use the dropdowns below to read our Terms of Service policies that apply to everyone visiting Union Yoga both in-person and online.  On this page, you can find everything you need to know about our policies including fees for cancelled/missed classes, age-restrictions, health + safety guidelines, and more.  Thank you for reading, and for your support!

  • How do I get to Union? TTC, parking, cycling tips, etc…
    We are located in Bloorcourt Village at 956 Bloor St West, Toronto, Ontario. Find our button-operated sliding door to the right of Shoppers, on the north side of Bloor. Directions ​ Access our location at Bloor & Dovercourt via stairs or elevator. ​ Our space is wheelchair accessible and stroller-friendly, with the exception of the lower studio (there is a short flight of stairs). ​ CYCLING Access us via the Bloor Bike Lane, and lock your bike to one of the 'O rings' on the sidewalk. PUBLIC TRANSIT: TTC We are near Ossington Station, which has two exits, one with an elevator. 1. Ossington/Bloor exit – wheelchair accessible 2. Delaware exit, nearest Union – 3 flights of stairs ​ PARKING Limited street parking on Bloor is available for $2 per hour, or find free parking on one side of Dovercourt and other side streets. There are two Green P parking lots nearby, both just north of Bloor St: 1. one on the east side of Ossington 2. the other is off Salem Ave
  • Hot Classes, Warm Classes, and reg-temp.. What's the difference?
    REG-TEMP CLASS Regular temperature classes are heated to a nice ambient temperature of 23º–24º. These are held in both our smaller back studio and larger studio. HOT CLASS Hot classes are heated to 36º–38º, adjusted for humidex. We monitor the room temperature, and will use a combination of fans and opened windows to cool the space should the room become too toasty. All hot classes have the word "Hot" at the start of the class name. Tips to enjoy Hot Classes: Always have a full water bottle. Take breaks whenever needed. If you feel overheated or dizzy, flag your instructor, then lie down and rest. Should you feel unwell, exit the class — our staff are happy to assist you. WARM CLASS Warm classes are gently heated to 26º–28º, adjusted for humidex. This sounds toasty, but the warmth is mild, and safe for everyone. Even heat-sensitive and pregnant clients enjoy a Warm class, as it helps your muscles relax. All warm classes have the word "Warm" at the start of the class name.
  • What payment methods does Union accept? (tip: we're cashless)
    Union is a cashless business as of Nov 1st, 2023. We accept: Interac (debit / bank cards) Visa (and Visa Debit) MasterCard (and MasterCard Debit) Amex Discover Google Pay Apple Pay + select other digital wallets
  • What does "Guest Allowance" mean when I am buying a pass?
    This means you can use you each pass you purchase to book for either yourself, or for a friend. For example, if you buy one $15 Pass, that allows you to book one spot in class. If you buy a 5 Class Pack, you can split those passes between bookings for yourself and guests, however you wish!
  • How do I book + attend a class?
    Head to our schedule (or use our app for Apple or Android!), click on the class you would like to take and book away! If you don't have an existing pass, you may then choose a pass to purchase. You can also rent your mat + towels in advance!* Please note our one hour cancellation policy: if you can't make it or if you feel unwell, cancel online at least 1-hour before your class begins to avoid fee. It's incredibly easy to book and cancel when needed using our app for Apple and Android. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before class begins. (Troubleshooting: If you have a pass, but are being asked to pay again, please email as you may have duplicate accounts.) *Advance rentals are only billed the same day you attend class. If you cancel your class the day before, the rentals will not bill. Cancelling same day forfeits the rental fees paid.
  • How can I book for a friend / a guest?
    If you have a 5 or 10 Class Pack, or if you are a Member with Guest Passes, you can book spots for guests. ON THE APP for Apple & Android Select your class → tap the toggle beside Reserve for Guest → add your guest's email address → confirm by tapping Reserve Class ———————————— ON OUR WEBSITE Tap the Calendar Icon at the top of any page to view our class schedule → choose your class and click Reserve → click Guest → add your guest's email address → confirm by tapping Reserve Class If you don't have passes that permit Guest Bookings, you can then choose how you would like to pay for your guests's spot in class.
  • Can I reschedule or cancel classes I have booked?
    Of course! Please cancel early to free up spots for other people, when you or your guest can't attend. Cancel without penalty up to 1-hour before your class begins. HOW TO CANCEL CLASS USE OUR APP for Apple & Android The classes you have booked are highlighted in teal. → tap on the class you'd like to cancel → tap Cancel Reservation → confirm by tapping Yes, Cancel in the pop up ———————————— or, WEBSITE Access your Account from the top of any page of our website: → click the Personal Information dropdown and tap into Reservations → click View Reservation linked to you can't attend → click Cancel Reservation to confirm the cancellation → a pop up will appear, click Yes, Cancel (if you are on a smartphone, you may need to scroll down to view this pop up)
  • What are Union's booking and class cancellation policies?
    Great question! Find our cancellation policies here on our Policies page. It covers policies for classes, workshops, trainings and massage therapy.
  • Which classes are beginner-friendly?
    We offer a range of classes that are excellent for beginners, including $15 Beginner Yoga. Hatha classes are idea if you are new to yoga, since they offer an active class focusing on alignment, strength and balance in each posture, with very clear instruction. Improve strength and spinal-health by incorporating some Pilates into your yoga experience: look for Fusion classes with Tyler, Tash or Krista. To explore how to modify yoga postures for your body, try a class that combines movement with deep rest: Hatha + Relax, Hatha + Restorative, or any class with the word "Somatics" For a calm and restful yoga experience that helps improve sleep, softness and resiliency we suggest classes that include: Restorative Nidra Meditation __________________________ CHALLENGING CLASSES Once you feel comfortable, strong, and knowledgeable in Hatha classes, try any class on our schedule, including challenging Fusion classes with Scotty & Erick, or faster paced Flow classes. Flow yoga classes are taught in the style of Vinyasa Yoga which created a fluid and dynamic practice that tethers your focus keeping your breath and heart-rate slow and even, while moving from posture to posture with each breath. These can are more physically demanding classes, as they require strength, body-awareness, and knowledge of a wider range of yoga postures.
  • Do you have a Waitlist if a class I'd like to take is full?
    Yes! Add yourself to the waitlist — spots open up all the time! If a spot opens up for you, we notify you by Email. TIP: Booking, waitlisting, modifying, and cancelling class if you can't make it is easiest by far with our user-friendly app for Apple & Android. At this time, we cannot send text notifications for waitlist spots, so you may want to ensure email notifications are easy to see / hear on your device to claim spots in full classes. (This info was last updated on Oct 27, 2023)
  • What should I bring to class?
    Arrive hydrated. :) We recommend stretchy clothing that you are comfortable in, a full water bottle, and face towel —three essentials. Bring your yoga mat, or rent one of ours! A shower is lovely after heated classes. We also rent shower towels and yoga towels to cover your mat in sweatier hot classes! Bring a card, as Union is a cashless business. Approach your class with curiosity, and listen to your body: mild discomfort is alright, but be ok with modifying a pose, flagging your instructor for suggestions, or opting out should you ever feel pain. Be kind to yourself. Pain has no place in yoga. RENTALS $5 – mat + yoga towel* $3 – yoga mat $3 – yoga towel $3 – shower towel * A towel is required to cover a rental mats for any Hot Class. Rental prices include tax! If your billing info isn't stored in your Union profile, please bring a card or use your digital wallet to pay — we are a cashless business.
  • What are Union's amenities?
    We offer so much! filtered water showers + blow dryers cubbies for your street clothes, bags, etc… rentals: yoga mats, yoga-towels, shower towels all-gender private change stalls & restrooms men's & women's public change rooms & showers (trans folk friendly) props: block, straps, mediation cushions, resistance bands, etc… memberships with complimentary mats & face towels a supportive, non-judgemental space knowledgeable instructors & staff RENTALS (tax included) $5 – mat + yoga towel $9 – mat + yoga towel, shower towel, and face towel $3 – yoga towel $3 – shower towel MASKS (tax included) $1 – basic mask $2 – KN95
  • Is Union a trans-friendly space?  Yes!
    Choose between private non-gendered change stalls, or public men's & women's change rooms. Our private all-gender restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Our instructors, staff, and Registered Massage Therapy team are all trans-friendly, and participate in Union's anti-racism and anti-oppression agenda and team trainings. Massage Therapy If you would like your massage treatment to be with a trans-identifying person from the Queer community, connect with Max McGee. Accessibility is pivotal at Union. We welcome suggestions if you see room for improvement!
  • What is Energy Exchange? Does it allow me to practice for free?
    Energy Exchange offers Member-tier privileges like unlimited classes + many other perks for $0, in exchange for assisting our Staff in the studio. Learn More
  • Can youth practice at Union? → Age restrictions for classes
    IN PERSON CLASSES: Studio + Park Yoga In-person classes may be accessed by those 12 and up. Hot classes are limited to participants 16+ years of age. Youth aged 12 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult. ONLINE CLASSES Our online services and products are meant to be accessed by adults aged 18+. Those under the age of 18 must seek the consent and supervision of an adult.
  • I'm not flexible at all. Can I still try yoga?
    Absolutely! Yoga is a moving meditation that doesn't require flexibility. While yoga will gradually you feel more limber, practicing yoga centers around strength, balance and resiliency. Everyone's practice will look different, since we each have a unique body, with individual limitations. At Union, we honour all people's ability to practice yoga, no matter their body of degree of flexibility!
  • Do Union's vinyasa-inspired Flow classes use a set sequence like Bikram or Power Yoga?
    Nope, we don't have a proprietary sequence — instead, we celebrate the creativity of our instructors. Each class at Union is unique. You will never take the same class twice. Why? This empowers our students with a broader range of postural knowledge, with opportunities to personalize your practice and modify. Unlike set-sequences, our unique classes prevent repetitive strain injuries and fitness plateaus for our clients. It allows us to grow with our teachers as they incorporate new skills from their continuing education! We make room in our Yoga classes for contemporary, evidence-based inclusions to keep you mobile and limber through injury and aging. For example, some instructors craft their yoga classes to include elements inspired by Functional Movement, Pilates, Somatics, and more!
  • Aside from yoga, what do you offer?
    We have an array of classes other than yoga: Pilates, Fusion, Nidra, Meditation, not to mention workshops and trainings that cover a wide range of topics. We also offer a wide-range of massage therapy and acupuncture with talented RMTs (even Hot Stone Massage and Infant Massage). For workplaces, we are happy to offer corporate yoga classes both in-person and online, as well as customized day-long or half-day retreats.
  • Where should I store my valuables? → We have cubbies, valuables stay with you.
    Whenever possible, leave valuables at home. We offer cubbies, but do not have lockers. Bring your valubales with you into class, and tuck them out of sight in a cubby (if avaialble) or at the edge of the wall. No large items, please—limit it to a powered-down phone, wallet, jewellery, keys. If you arrive from work with your laptop, we will store it behind the desk. All other valuables should stay with you. Union is not responsible for lost & stolen items.
  • May I store my yoga mat at Union?
    No, we don't offer storage. Why? With heated classes, mats get sweaty and are smelly if they are not well cleaned and aired out to dry after each use. We prefer to stay fresh and tidy for our clients. If you decide to join as a Member, with unlimited booking privileges, you also enjoy complimentary mats! Prefer Class Packs to a full Membership? We have rental mats and towels, so you can arrive and enjoy class anytime. CASHLESS Union is a cashless studio, so if you plant to rent Yoga Mats or any towels, be sure to have your a Card or digital wallet to cover your rentals.
  • Do you have a lost and found?
    Yes, we do. Forgot something? Call us at 416.516.0909 and we will tag it with your name, and set it aside. Clothing or towels left behind may be laundered before finding their way into the wicker lost & found basket near our front door. Please allow 24 hours, in case your item is in the laundry. We keep lost items for 3 weeks, and then they are donated.
  • I am working through an injury / illness.  What should I do to practice safely?
    Great question! Speak with your instructor before class begins—they will offer specific modifications for today's class. If this is a recurring injury, or long-term issue please flag our desk staff who can add injury notes. If you are ill, REST is your best friend. "Sweating it out" is a myth—to recover quickly please stay hydrated, and stay home. Thank you for helping our other clients, instuctors are staff stay healthy!
  • I'm a medical professional who is sometimes On-Call. → May I take classes if I'm obligated to keep my phone with me?
    Absolutely! Here is our guide to help you enjoy classes while on-call ON-CALL MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS May keep phone or smartwatch by mat, on VIBRATE or on silent. If a client phones while you're at Union, please ask them to hold a moment, and step out to take the call by our Elevator. Sound travels easily in our space, disrupting classes + massage sessions. Phones are banned from restrooms & change areas. This is a strict rule for the privacy of all clients at Union. Many apps have access to device cameras, and can record without your knowledge or consent. Phone use in sensitive spaces should be reported to desk staff, as we request all devices be turned off for our clients privacy and comfort.
  • I found out about Union after sustaining a TBI.  Which classes are a good option for me?
    Yoga Nidra with Taryn Diamond, or Hatha + Meditation classes with OT Ruby Knafo are a wonderful option. Try practicing with teachers who have specific training to support clients with brain injuries such as Angelica Rao, or Sarah Waterfield. Wonderful resources about yoga + TBIs are available through the LoveYourBrain website!
  • Are massages/acupuncture with RMTs?  Do you offer direct billing?
    All massages and acupuncture sessions are offered by RMTs who will give you a receipt after your massage. While we don't offer direct billing, the majority of insurance companies enable you to upload a photo of your receipt, and will reimburse within a few days. Registered Massage Therapy may be covered if you have insurance. If not, what you pay for your treatments is eligible for Tax Credits in Ontario! Acupuncture with Max can be claimed as a service with a Registered Massage Therapists. There is a 24 hour cancellation window for all massage appointments. Please give as much notice as possible to avoid fees by cancelling through our RMT's online portal, or by emailing
  • What kinds of health and wellness professionals can I access at Union?
    At Union Yoga + Wellness, we have a wonderful team of Registered Massage Therapists some of whom also have their Acupuncture certification, and certifications in Infant Massage. Meditation Coaching is offered at select times of the year, in pre-registered series.
  • Do you have locations other than 956 Bloor Street West?
    Not yet! We are focused on offering our clients excellence, and are proud to have celebrated our 5 year anniversary in August 2019.
  • Where can I find info on yoga teacher trainings and continuing education?
    Take a look at our Teacher Trainings page!
  • My workplace is looking for a yoga instructor, can I hire you? Yes, Union offers Corporate Yoga
    We do! We tailor each Corporate Yoga package or retreat to meet the needs of your workplace, and the space you have available. Feel free to copy & paste the form below into an email to one of our managers, and we will be in touch soon! Corporate Yoga intake form: 1. COMPANY: 2. CONTACT: 3. ADDRESS: 4. CLASS INFO — please complete fields below Preferred day of the week: Class start time: Preferred dates: Does this class repeat? How often: Number of participants: Description of the style of class you are looking for, or staff wellness goals:
  • Do you offer private yoga classes?
    We do! Enjoy a private class for just yourself, or a small group of friends, either in your own home or at our studio space. Rates vary, depending on what you are looking for. Connect with a manager to learn more!
  • What products do you sell?
    We offer an array of natural rubber B Mats (varying colours, sizes, and thicknesses), as well as synthetic mats by HalfMoon. Find carry-straps for your mat, really excellent Guru Yoga Towels, Pilates bands & balls, massage balls, cork blocks, eye pillows, yoga blankets and meditation cushions to support your practice. We also stock an array of hand-poured candles made with essential oils, malas, select books, and more.
  • Do you rent your space?
    Yes, our rooms are available to rent between classes (typically weekday mid-morning or afternoon). Rentals are idea for quiet events like private yoga, small meditation groups, etc. Please note that if classes must be cancelled, the rental fees are high to account for lost revenue. Plan accordingly!
  • Are you hiring new instructors?
    Not at this time. We are a small team, and prioritize hiring graduates from our Yoga Teacher Training programs who are well versed in Union's values and accessible approach to yoga. But if you are an exceptional instructor with specialized continuing education advanced trainings, including Trauma-Informed Yoga, and experience working with underserved communities we would love to hear from you. We are a body-positive and trans-friendly space that reflects and celebrates the diversity of Toronto!
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