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From everyone at Union Yoga:

Thank you for joining us online! 

TIPS for a great Livestream Class

Bring the Union experience you love into your home:

  • wireless earbuds make livestream more intimate, or connect to good speakers

  • set up a minimal yoga corner, where everyday clutter is out of sight & out of mind

  • no rush — take 3 min to smile and tap into a sense of peace.  Some deep breathing will cultivate presence & mindfulness.  These calm moments make practice special.

  • if you share your home, request quiet and space during your practice time. 
    Pets? take time to "claim your mat as your space" to avoid play/cuddles during class


  • life happens, but you are resilient despite the occasional interruption  :)

  • miss the hot room?  Make it toasty with a humidifier or diffuser + a space heater.

We hope you find these tips helpful! If our classes don't fit your schedule, try our library of on-demand classes available 24 / 7 in the Virtual Studio.  

TROUBLESHOOTING Livestream Classes on Zoom

If you see the error message "Another class is in session"

1. Quit Zoom → re-open Zoom

2. Paste the Zoom Class Meeting ID + Password from your class link email → Join

3. Enjoy your class!

QUESTIONS?  Here's where to reach us:

Classes, workshops and events → info [at] unionyogastudio [dot] ca

Account or billing questions → membership [at] unionyogastudio [dot] ca

Teacher Training info → teachertraining [at] unionyogastudio [dot] ca

Love Union?  Refer a friend to earn rewards or  Leave us a review.

We welcome your ideas and feedback, year-round.  How can we do better?









Thank you so much. Your feedback is essential — it helps us grow. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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