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40 Hour Restorative Yoga & Somatics Training
with Kim McBean E-RYT 500, YACEP and guest faculty, Indu Vashist




This inclusive and comprehensive training is open to everyone, practitioners and teachers — all bodies and all levels of experience. For those that are keen to deepen their knowledge and embody life-enhancing change, to develop a home practice, or share with their loved ones and communities.

Learn to teach Restorative Yoga, and embody Somatic Movement as a support for your practice and teaching.

Hybrid training is being offered as a convenience for those who can't attend in person. A minimum of two registrants will be required for this option to be provided. Hybrid training requires live attendance, recordings will only be provided to international students in a different time zone.


This training will include theory and experiential learning in the following:

  • Physiology, psychology and the “why” of restorative yoga and somatic movement

  • Somatics: An introduction of practices to support embodiment, inquiry, pain relief and re-education of the nervous system

  • Practice-teach key restorative poses: using props, and with limited use of props

  • Benefits, indications and contraindications of each restorative pose

  • How to support injuries, chronic conditions and mental health

  • Sequencing restorative yoga classes, including therapeutic applications

  • Considerations and tips for teaching restorative yoga online

  • Develop teaching qualities: reading bodies, trauma-informed language + environment, accessibility 

  • Introduction to facilitating restorative yoga with an understanding of race-based stress and trauma

  • Learning about racialized aggressions and how to manage this in a quiet practice space

  • Empowering self-care and healing strategies to support rest, resiliency, growth, and improved health


Restorative Yoga uses props to create comfort, safety and containment to shapes that are held for extended time. This healing practice soothes the nervous system, increases circulation to vital organs, strengthens immunity, and promotes conscious relaxation. Slowing down invites more balance into our busy, stressful lives; teaching the body resiliency and recovery as we pulse between the stress response (surviving), and our natural state (thriving). Deep rest is essential to optimal health and well-being. This practice offers tools to help navigate the effects of stress and trauma, building our capacity to care for ourselves and also for others. 


Somatic can be defined as “how we sense the body from the inside out”. Restorative somatic exercises enhance proprioception, interoception and kinaesthetic awareness to calm the nervous system, alleviate chronic pain, increase range of motion (ROM), and decrease muscle stiffness. Somatics promotes self-inquiry to awaken our felt sense.  By connecting us to our bodies’ innate wisdom and guidance, this nourishing and embodied practice can help shift physical, mental and emotional patterns towards liberation and wholeness. The method shared in this program is called Self-Awakening Yoga, which combines somatic movement and yoga, and was created by Kim’s teacher Don Stapleton, Ph.D. Kim was certified in Self-Awakening Yoga in 2004, and has been granted permission to share this method.

The somatic movement portion of this training enables participants to learn and integrate this method into their personal education, embodiment, and exploration. A Somatics Fundamentals teacher training will be scheduled at a later date. Please email for interest, and priority enrollment.

SCHOLARSHIP — one available

This scholarship honours equity: priority will be given to folx from underrepresented groups who face structural barriers / systemic racism.



Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body’s Own Wisdom, by Don Stapleton, Ph.D.



Attend 4 Restorative & Somatics online classes (included in tuition) and submit a brief written self-reflection. These classes will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. 

Practice teaching assignment — submit 2 photos of 2 different restorative shapes for feedback

Online readings


Yoga Teachers may claim CE credits with the Yoga Alliance after successful completion of this training. Certificates will be issued.


Kim McBean is a deeply committed educator with a passion for Yoga, Somatic Movement, and Pilates. She fosters a compassionate and trauma-informed approach to her teaching to promote self-inquiry, resiliency, growth, and embodiment. This is guided by Kim’s 18 years of educational and practical experience teaching movement and movement therapeutics.


Kim has trained at The Nosara Yoga Institute and Octopus Garden Yoga Centre. She has studied Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater, Trauma Informed Yoga with Sarah Kinsley, Yoga Biomechanics with Jules Mitchell, and Hanna Somatics Fundamentals with Essential Somatics. She trained in Mat and Reformer Pilates at Mindful Movement Centre.  


Kim continues to practice and study diverse movement modalities with her most valued and cherished mentors. Experience her warm and inspired teaching in private sessions, studio classes, or through mentoring and teacher training in Toronto, Canada.


Teaching: Restorative Yoga for Racial Stress and Trauma

Indu Vashist is the Director of Education at Union Yoga + Wellness, where she also completed a 225 hour yoga teacher training program. She recently completed a 300 hour YTT program with Kathryn Bruni Young and Carly Stong.  As a lifelong learner, she has continued her education in Restorative Yoga and Somatics with Kim McBean, Yoga Nidra with Taryn Diamond, and Trauma Informed Yoga with Sarah Kinsley. As a second generation immigrant, Indu aims to honour her ancestors’ practice to responsibly care and share for the land that they find themselves in, through forced and sometimes chosen migrations. Within the context of yoga, her teaching philosophy is to encourage the integration of the body, mind, spirit and the natural world. Indu is currently studying to be a Hanna Somatics Educator. To learn more about Indu or to work with her, visit




"Kim's restorative and somatics training struck a perfect balance between theory and application. It provided me with the confidence and capacity to speak to the benefits and value of these practices with clients, as well as the practical learning I needed to create safe and intentional experiences. On a personal level, the training evolved my own daily practices — specifically somatic practices — that have been transformational in my own healing and resilience, and sparked a curiosity and commitment to deepen my practice. I whole-heartedly recommend this training” —SW


“Kim is one of a kind! She is an incredibly skilled, generous and patient teacher with a special ability to cultivate a safe and warm learning space where there is space for everyone to show up as they are. I feel blessed to be able to learn from such a knowledgeable and supportive teacher.”— SL


“Kim’s restorative training, equips trainees with the foundational science related to the nervous system, the essentials of the asana and sequencing — all with a trauma-informed perspective. Kim as a teacher is compassionate and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend this training enough.” —IV


“Kim is a natural teacher who offers deep wisdom, grown from years of learning, practicing and embodying restorative yoga with a genuine respect and love for it. She creates and holds an incredibly safe space where students are encouraged to be curious and share their own experiences. She is patient, humble, thorough and curious herself. I recommend this training with my whole heart.” —LD


“Kim teaches from the heart! She combines solid knowledge and experience to create a comprehensive training course led with empathy. I would encourage any teacher curious about restorative yoga to attend Kim’s training.” —DF

COVID CONSIDERATIONS — Covid policies are updated regularly, view current info here

This training is capped at 11 participants.  Should Public Health Measures require it, in-person elements of this trainings may move online.

In the unlikely event of another pandemic lockdown, or should indoor social-distancing be required, all or part of this training may be held online (livestreaming, via Zoom).  By enrolling, you acknowledge that should the training have to move online due to Covid-19 Health & Safety Restrictions, tuition is non-refundable.

Union Yoga + Wellness proactively supports the health of our community with HEPA-Filtered Air & enhanced sanitation between classes.  We closely follow Ontario’s evolving public health guidelines, exceeding recommendations for masking, distancing, cleaning, and capacity restrictions. 

We review and update our Covid policies monthly: find information current to this month here

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