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Resolve & Rest

mini-retreat: yoga nidra + sankalpa

At the start of yoga class, we are often cued to set an intention, a statement as to why we are here and what we are hoping to receive. We can do the same at the start of a new year or a new life chapter. Join Taryn in a mini-retreat all about honing your focus and preparing for new experiences.


‘…your mind has measureless capacity to affect the quality and the content of your life.’  — Rod Stryker 


This mini-retreat is designed to assist you with gently shifting some negative thought patterns in the mind towards the positive. With skill, you can dig around the questions:

— How do I want to experience this year?

— What ingredients can I carry with me?

— How best can I plant the seed, to embody my intention?


The Resolve & Rest mini-retreat includes:

  1. A discussion on the efficacy of intention-setting. Taryn explores what the yogis knew about the mind in ancient times, and surprising links to what neuroscientists now know about the brain

  2. A sanklapa workbook co-designed by Taryn and Sydney Fletcher 

  3. A gentle movement practice to prepare the body for deep rest

  4. Yoga nidra practice, to plant the seed of your intention


Craft a personalized intention (sankalpa) to amplify your experience of ease and nourishment as the body and intellect rest deeply in a nidra practice.  Join Taryn to cultivate empowerment as you learn about neuroplasticity and new understanding of how your mind works.

Use the buttons to the right to purchase your mini-retreat!  After purchase, check your email — your email receipt contains the retreat log-in link and password.  Enjoy!

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CONNECT WITH TARYN​ — join her in class! 

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Taryn is a fun and talented senior instructor who has been teaching class participants.  She has also created and taught in Yoga Teacher Certification programs and professional continuing education for professional yoga instructors for many years.

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