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help our small business thrive


Did you know 80% of new clients find us through referralsReferring your friends is invaluable to the health our small family-owned business.  Go the extra mile!

Tell friends, family and coworkers about Union Yoga — every referral earns points that convert to spendable credit until Sept 30th, 2023.  Helping grow our Union community directly helps you pay to practice.  It's a beautiful reward system to help us flourish together. 

  1. Earn 100 points or $5 per successful referral, until Sept 30th, 2023, when the rewards program ends.

  2. Spendable credit shows on your account, and displays as a payment options after you click CHECKOUT during a purchase. Having trouble spending your credit?  Our staff can help.  Ask us in person, or contact us for assistance.

  3. Keep spreading the word to earn $5 for every single referral, then offset the costs of passes, special events, a new yoga mat, and more!  See full spending options below.  

When you refer a friend to join classes, events or trainings at Union, ask them to let us knowWe'll reward your efforts.


practice together!



have your friend email us to confirm the referral


referrals are valid when new clients buy passes


100 POINTS = $5

credit appears as payment option after you click CHECKOUT during a purchase.

PROGRAM ENDS Sept 30th, 2023.

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Earning with Referrals

How to earn and spend your credit.  Each referral leading to a purchase earns 100 points.  Rewards program wraps up at the end of the day, September 30th, 2023.  So spend your credit today!

Earn 100 points / $5 credit when a client you refer makes a purchase (or when you pay for their Class Pacl / Trial Pass).  Anyone who pays to attend a class thanks to you is a successful referral. No limit!  $5 awarded per referral. 


Offset billings, buy any pass, workshop, event, or merchandise for yourself, or a friend!  Buy through our site: select your item, click CHECKOUT and then Rewards.  Or buy in person with the help of our staff.

NOTES: Rewards credit will not show on the Union app or the MindBody app.

Massage / RMT wellness services cannot be paid for using rewards, credit, or gift cards.  Payment is made directly to the RMT, on a separate system.



We're always thrilled to convert donations into accessibility programs for low-income folks to access classes and trainings.  



Brighten your favourite instructor's day — email if you'd like to pass on your credit as a tip.

We reward you when you share your love for Union Yoga with your friends!  Thank you for helping Union Yoga survive the pandemic, and sowing seeds that will help us thrive.


TERMS: Points are not redeemable for cash or wellness services provided by RMTs. The redemption options may change without notice. Points may not be transferred or shared. May not be combined with other offers or discounts.  Rewards Program ends at the end of September, 2023.

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