40 Hour Restorative and Embodied Somatic Movement Training 

with Kim McBean E-RYT 500, YACEP and Indu Vashist


Date and Time:

This training takes place over 5 days

Day 1 — Fri, Sept 17th, 2021: 6pm – 9:30pm EST

Days 2 & 3 — Sat, Sept 18th & Sun, Sept 19th, 2021: 9:30am – 5:30pm EST

Days 4 & 5 — Sat, Oct 16th & Sun, Oct 17th, 2021:

9:30am – 5:30pm EST

A one hour lunch break is included on weekends.

Students should plan to attend all five sessions online if they wish to receive a certificate of completion. 

For students participating from overseas, recordings will be available for 30 days. Practice-teaching assignments must be completed to receive certification. Please inquire for further details.

Restorative Yoga Training 2021.png


Training Description:


This inclusive and comprehensive training is open to everyone, practitioners and teachers — all bodies and all levels of experience. For those that are keen to deepen their knowledge and embody life enhancing change, to develop a home practice, or share with their loved ones and communities. 


This training will include theory and experiential learning in the following:


  • Physiology, psychology and the “why” of restorative yoga and somatic movement

  • Practice somatic movement: an introduction to support embodiment, inquiry, pain-relief and re-education of the nervous system

  • Practice-teach key restorative poses: using props, and with limited use of props

  • Benefits, indications and contraindications of each restorative pose

  • How to support injuries, chronic conditions and mental health

  • Sequencing restorative yoga classes; including therapeutic applications 

  • Develop teaching qualities; reading bodies, trauma-informed language + environment, accessibility 

  • Introduction to facilitating restorative yoga with an understanding of race-based stress and trauma

  • Learning about racialized aggressions and how to manage this in a quiet practice space

  • Empowering self-care and healing strategies to support rest, resiliency and improved health


Restorative yoga: From the lineage of the Hatha yoga tradition, BKS Iyengar, and passed down to Kim’s teacher Judith Hanson Lasater. Restorative yoga uses props to create comfort, safety and containment in shapes that are held for extended time. This practice soothes the nervous system, increases circulation to the vital organs, strengthens immunity, and promotes conscious relaxation. Slowing down invites more balance into our busy, stressful lives; it teaches the body resiliency and recovery as we pulse between the stress response (surviving), and our natural state (thriving). Deep rest is essential to optimal health and wellbeing. This practice offers tools to help navigate the effects of stress and trauma, building one’s capacity to care for themselves and also for others. 


Somatic movement: The term “somatic” was coined by movement educator Thomas Hanna, and can be defined as “how we sense the body from the inside out”. Somatic movement exercises enhance proprioception, interoception and kinaesthetic awareness. These movements integrate the body and mind to alleviate chronic pain, increase range of motion (ROM), decrease muscle stiffness, and awaken our felt sense, connecting us to our body’s innate wisdom. This nourishing and embodied practice can help shift physical, mental and emotional patterns towards liberation and wholeness. Other forms of this technique were created by Mabel Elsworth Todd, Moshé Feldendrais and Frederick Matthias Alexander. The method shared in this program is called Self-Awakening Yoga, which combines somatic movement and yoga, and was created by Kim’s teacher Don Stapleton, Ph.D. Kim was certified in Self-Awakening Yoga in 2004, and has been granted permissions to share the method by her teachers Amba and Don Stapleton, Ph.D. 


Curious about these practices? Interested applicants may attend a complimentary Somatic Movement + Restorative class with Kim. To sign up, please email Kim at 



The somatic movement portion of this training is embodiment only, to learn and integrate this method for personal education and exploration. This introduction to somatic movement satisfies the prerequisite to the Somatic Movement Teacher Training with Kim, which includes practice-teaching and sequencing for the purpose of teaching this method to groups and individuals. For those interested in somatic movement only, the Somatic Movement Foundations full-day intensive, also fulfills the prerequisite for the Somatic Movement Teacher Training. Please email kim@kimmcbeanyoga.com for interest and priority enrolment. 


Guest Faculty


Indu Vashist — Restorative for Racial Stress and Trauma


Indu Vashist is the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at Union Yoga + Wellness, where she also completed a 225 hour yoga teacher training program. As a lifelong learner, she has continued her education in Restorative Yoga + Somatic Movement with Kim McBean, Yoga Nidra with Taryn Diamond, and Trauma Informed Yoga with Sarah Kinsley. As a second generation immigrant, Indu aims to honour her ancestors’ practice to responsibly care and share for the land that they find themselves through forced and sometimes chosen migrations. Within the context of yoga, her teaching philosophy is to encourage the integration of the body, mind, spirit and the natural world.


Suggested somatic movement textbook: Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body’s Own Wisdom, by Don Stapleton, Ph.D.



Attend two Somatic Movement + Restorative Classes plus brief written self-reflection

Attend two Restorative classes plus brief written self-reflection 

Practice teaching assignment 

Online readings



Sustainer: $835 +HST   

Supporter: $765 +HST   

Community: $695 +HST 

Repeat training: $395* +HST

Trainees are eligible to purchase a discounted prop package:

Bolster, 2 blocks, strap, blanket, eye pillow: $196+ HST (regular price $245)

Individual props may be purchased at 15% off regular price

*orders must be received by, August 20, 2021



There is 1 scholarship spot available at $375 + HST. Priority will be given to folx with marginalized identities. Please complete this form and send to Kim at kim@kimmcbeanyoga.com by July 31, 2021. 

Tuition includes:

Kim McBean 40-Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training manual

10 livestream classes at Union Yoga + Wellness 


Yoga Teachers may claim CE credits with the Yoga Alliance after successful completion of this training. Certificates will be issued.


About Kim McBean, E-RYT 500 


Kim McBean is a deeply committed  educator with a passion for Yoga, Pilates, and Somatic Movement. With 17 years educational and practical experience in teaching movement and movement therapeutics, Kim fosters a compassionate and trauma informed approach to her teaching to promote self-inquiry and embodiment. By combining science and spirituality, her intention is to empower others with tools and techniques that support mindful, bodily presence as a means to grow and transform. 


Kim has trained at The Nosara Yoga Institute and Octopus Garden Yoga Centre. She has studied Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater, Trauma Informed Yoga with Sarah Kinsley, and Pilates at Mindful Movement Centre. Kim has also engaged in nine years of body-focused psychotherapy, diving into the work of Stanley Keleman and Bioenergetics. Her current passions and continued education are in biomechanics with Jules Mitchell and Thomas Hanna education with Essential Somatics. She continues to practice diverse movement modalities, with her most valued and cherished mentors. Learn more about Kim: www.kimmcbeanyoga.com




“Kim McBean’s restorative training, equips trainees with the foundational science related to the nervous system, the essentials of the asana and sequencing – all with a trauma-informed perspective. Kim as a teacher is compassionate and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend this training enough.” ~ Indu


“Kim is a natural teacher who offers deep wisdom, grown from years of learning, practicing and embodying restorative yoga with a genuine respect and love for it. She creates and holds an incredibly safe space where students are encouraged to be curious and share their own experiences. She is patient, humble, thorough and curious herself. I recommend this training with my whole heart.” ~ Lisa