Learn with us from October 2021-April 2022

225-hr Yoga Teacher Certification

Union Yoga’s 225 Hour Teacher Training program is an enriching program designed for those looking to embark on a path of self-discovery through yoga, and equips students with the tools and confidence to teach yoga professionally.

Our comprehensive and transformative 225 hour Yoga Teacher Training starts October 20, 2020. Deepen your practice, learn to teach yoga with our highly skilled and experienced faculty members, and become a part of our growing community!



Kim McBean, Taryn Diamond, Rose Mina Munjee, Kassandra Prus, Erin Wilbur, Indu Vashist, Jennifer Snodon


Curriculum Overview & Requirements

The curriculum far exceeds what is required by the Yoga Alliance (over 225 contact hours) and provides a solid foundation for teaching yoga professionally.  Union Yoga + Wellness’s Yoga Teacher Training is a Registered Yoga School (200 Hour designation) with the Yoga Alliance (US), and has received the online teacher training exemption. 


Embedded within the training is a Mentorship program in which each trainee will be paired with a Union Yoga teacher for the duration of the course for support and guidance.  Info below reflects our 2021 curriculum:

PART ONE: Theory and Applied Foundations (ONLINE)

— Yoga History

— Yoga Philosophy

Pranayama + The Science of Breath

Embodied Mindfulness Meditation

— Subtle Anatomy – including the chakras, koshas, vayus, doshas, and mantra

— Essential qualities of a teacher

— Communication skills

— Boundaries and self-care

BONUS all day training: Trauma-informed yoga

PART TWO: Experiential and Embodiment (ONLINE and In-Studio options)

— Human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics

— Foundational yoga asana (postures)

— How sequence and theme yoga classes

— How to teach to beginners and offer accessible classes

— Diversity and inclusion in yoga

— Business of yoga

— Class observation (minimum 5 classes)

— Teaching practicum (includes learning Union’s template for classes and teaching a 30 min class)

BONUS all day training: Restorative Yoga


Attendance is mandatory at all sessions. Trainees will also be required to attend 35 classes (at Union and/or elsewhere), to observe five classes (online or in person), and to teach and record a complete 30 minute complete yoga class to be reviewed by faculty. There will be opportunities to teach Karma classes for continued practice after program completion, and this is strongly encouraged. Successful completion of homework assignments and tests is required for certification. Students can expect a minimum of 2 hours of homework per week, in addition to class attendance.


Past program graduates who were interested in teaching professionally have gone on to teach for Union and other established studios in the GTA.


Program Schedule

Our training program takes place on weeknights and weekends between October 2021 and April 2022. There are 11 weekends (Saturdays and Sundays 9:30 am – 5 pm with one hour lunch break), and 21 Wednesday evenings (6 – 9:30 pm, however 8 Wednesday evenings will be shorter for group practice sessions or scheduled quizzes). 


NEW Join for Part 1 only!  Trainees seeking an immersive yoga experience, but who do not necessarily want to learn teaching skills, may choose to only participate in Part 1.

PART ONE: Theory and Applied Foundations (ONLINE)

90 hours (75 contact hours, 15 non-contact hours for reading, homework and test*)

*Test is optional for those only participating in Part One

Wednesdays: October 20, 27, November 3, 10, 17, 24, December 1, 8*

Weekend 1: October 23, 24

Weekend 2: November 6, 7

Weekend 3: November 20, 21

Weekend 4: December 11, 12

PART TWO: Experiential and Embodiment (ONLINE and In-Studio options*)

135 hours (115 contact hours, 20 non-contact hours for reading, homework and tests*, home practice)


Wednesdays: January 5*, 12, 19, 26, February 2, 9, 16, 23, March 2, 9, 16, 30*, April 27

Weekend 5: January 8, 9

Weekend 6: January 22, 23

Weekend 7: February 5, 6

Weekend 8: February 26, 27

Weekend 9: March 12, 13

Weekend 10: March 26, 27

Weekend 11: April 23, 24


Personal practice: 35 classes (online or in-studio at Union and/or elsewhere)

Overall contact hours: 225 hrs + including mentorship meetings and class observations.

*Note: In studio options are not guaranteed - they will only be available for a few weekends in part 2 in accordance with government health directives (if permitted). Online options will always be available for those who cannot attend in person. 


Tuition & Scholarships

Please pay what you can. Paying more supports our ability to offer scholarships and supports the participation of those with more limited financial means. Not sure where you fall on the sliding scale? See this helpful graphic.  Full certification tuition may be claimed for the purpose of tax credits.


Full Training October 2021 –  April 2022 (PART 1 + PART 2)

Sliding scale 1: $3850 + HST

Sliding scale 2: $3600 + HST

Sliding scale 3: $3300 + HST


Deepen your practice October – December 2021 (PART 1 only)

Sliding scale 1: $1750 + HST

Sliding scale 2: $1550 + HST

Sliding scale 3: $1350 + HST

Tuition includes the Union Yoga 225 Hour Yoga Teacher Training manual (digital PDF or pick-up hard copy),  6 month unlimited online class pass* to practice at the studio, and access to our Virtual Studio (on-demand classes). Payment plans available. Textbooks not included.


Discounts are available to current Union Yoga Annual and Monthly* Members (*legacy memberships). Please email us to inquire.


Union Yoga + Wellness is a certified educational institution, approved by the Minister of Employment and Social Development under the Income Tax Act. Trainees in our 225 hour Yoga Teacher Training may claim tuition for the purpose of tax credits.

*Trainees who participate in Part 1 only will receive a 3 month unlimited online pass


We are committed to accessibility and strive to address inequities (due to racism, ablesim, discrimination based on gender expression and identity, etc.) that exist in society at large and in the health and wellness industry in particular.


We are currently offering  one 50% scholarship for Part 1: Theory and Applied Foundation (online only, October - December), and two 50% scholarships for our full 2020-2021 program (October – April). We are collecting scholarship applications until August 30th and will inform recipients by September 1, 2021.


These scholarships are an effort to encourage the participation of folx made most marginalized, and to foster more inclusive spaces, for now and for the future. We will prioritize Black, Indigenous, and People of colour applicants, in recognition of the long history of underrepresentation of people of colour in western Yoga spaces. To learn more about Union’s anti-oppression values and practices, see here.

To apply for a scholarship, please:

(1) complete a YTT Application Form, and,

(2) complete Scholarship Application Form, and email it here


The Union Advantage

Study with us and benefit from core faculty with combined 3000+ hours of yoga education and 65+ years teaching experience, ONLINE* weekend and evening format so that you can live your life while in training, access to teachers through the mentorship program, an unlimited pass to practice at Union for the duration of the training, discounted studio membership in perpetuity, opportunities to teach at Union once graduated, training in Mindfulness Meditation, Trauma informed yoga, Restorative yoga, and much much more! New in 2021: monthly BIOIC affinity practice meetings, and white awareness meetings

*Note that in part 2, some weekends may be offered as a hybrid of in-person and online learning. Online learning will be available for the whole program for those who cannot attend in person. 

Union Yoga + Wellness is recognized as a leader in the international yoga community and won the Top Choice Award for Top Yoga Studio Toronto in 2016, 2017, and 2021. Graduates of our program have gone on to teach at Union and other studios and workplaces around the city, and integrate yoga into their professional careers as occupational therapists, social workers, massage therapists, and more.


Interested in speaking with past program graduates? Let us know and we can e-introduce you!


Apply Now

Ideal applicants are those with a passion for yoga who would like to delve deeper into their personal practice and path of self-discovery. Applicants may also wish to teach yoga professionally, either in their communities, workplaces, or studios.


Yoga Teacher Training can be physically and emotionally demanding. Candidates should be prepared and willing to work hard throughout the duration of the program, be able to put in extra time outside of scheduled sessions for self-practice, studying, assignments, prepared to participate in group discussions and interactive learning sessions, and to support their peers. Given the deep nature of Yoga training, intensive education programs such as ours are not advised for individuals with recent traumas. Training is not a substitute for therapy or professional coaching programs.


Requirements: Interested applicants should have a minimum 1 year regular yoga practice, and be at least 18 years of age. For modules 1 and 2, applicants must have access to reliable internet, a computer or tablet, and private space to participate in training.


It is encouraged that applicants attend at least 2 classes with Union Yoga teaching faculty (can be attended after the application form has been submitted). We invite interested applicants of all genders, religious and ethnic backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, body sizes, and abilities to apply.


Enrollment is open for our upcoming training. Interested applicants should download and complete an application form, and send to teachertraining@unionyogastudio.ca. Please do not submit in person. Download Application Form


Please allow a minimum 1 week for us to process your application. You will receive an email to let you know that your application has been received, and we will contact you within 5 business days to let you know if you have been accepted. Within two-weeks of acceptance, a non-refundable deposit of $500 + HST is required to guarantee admission.


Questions or concerns? Please email our director of teacher training, Kim.

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“I would highly recommend Unions YTT. The studio alone is unlike any other yoga studio I have been to and the teacher training is no different. The amount of care and consideration for creating a safe inclusive space is what drew me to the program. They aren’t just going through the motions and pumping out yoga teachers. I appreciate the efforts to continue to strive to break down barriers and have  important conversations that aren’t being had in every YTT program to support new teachers to think critically about their impact on students and the yoga community as a whole. I came to the program for these reasons and stayed for a million more. I found the most supportive group of peers and mentors and knew that I chose the right place for me. Forever grateful for this studio.” – SG, 2019


“The Union Yoga + Wellness 225 Hr Teacher Training prepares one to take on the role as a teacher and equips those who fully invest in its offering to dive deeper into their personal growth, and to actualize their potential on and off their mat. You will be guided past asana and pranayama practice to reorienting your relationship with the teachings and will be confronted each time you decide to stand as a teacher calling you further into your truth. The course facilitators, through their years of experience and humility, recognize their role and privilege in creating space for challenging conversations surrounding the practice of yoga ranging from history and cultural appropriation, mental health to creating inclusive spaces for all practitioners from every experience. What does it mean to act in a respectful and integral manner that honours the self and the linage of Yoga? How may this be different each time I decide to take on the role of a teacher? What may this teachings look like for my students and how may I hold them in kindness and call upon their potential? If you are looking to not only deepen your practice but be willing to redefine depth and what its experience may hold for you and your world then this is the offering of Union + Yoga and Wellness. ” – Kais Arshil, 2019


“This training was immense and really empowered me to be as curious as a student, confident as a teacher, and humbled to be both. Anatomy was something I was afraid of and Taryn really made it accessible and VERY! EXCITING! (really, she did). Kim’s approach to asana and gentle encouragement of seeing each and every single body was profound because rather than approaching teaching as an expert we were reminded that the bodies in the room are the real teachers. Erin’s passion for vinyasa was clear from jump and this made learning about vinyasa that much more enjoyable. The 6 weeks with Ruby doing a variety of meditation really anchored the importance of the ‘why’ in our energetic and mental body and this was the piece for me that was the most important. We can learn about anatomy, asana, sequencing techniques but learning about the ‘why we show up’ each and every day and what we bring with us, that’s the piece that I don’t think is offered anywhere else. And that’s probably the thing I always go back to as a new teacher. The facilitators were also very honest and open to any feedback from the group and I felt heard and valued. Thank you thank you thank you!” – Natasha Griarte, 2019


“The quality of instruction, the depth and breadth of the material covered, and the kind support of the teachers were beyond my expectations. The program is challenging – as it should be – but we were guided with skill, kindness and encouragement. It was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. How would I pitch the program to someone on the fence about it? If your interest in and practice of yoga are important to you, then this program will help nurture and grow your practice while preparing you to help others develop theirs. You will experience your body with new insight and understanding; you will make friends with your body in new ways, which will enable you to help others do the same. Your knowledge and understanding of the history and eight-limbed path of which yoga is a part, will be greatly expanded. There were some important takeaways for me from the Union YTT program. I was introduced to the term 'metta' (loving kindness). We were reminded to be gentle with ourselves. We so often push ourselves to do well, focusing on 'results' instead of being present with our experiences, especially in a new course of study, that it was refreshing and comforting to be reminded to practice loving kindness with ourselves and others, especially if one felt overwhelmed by…you know, life!” – Dwayne (2017 YTT



“Union Yoga’s YTT program opened me up to so many yoga modalities and ways of thinking. Their warm and supportive faculty helped accelerate my self-exploration and understanding of key concepts. I am really grateful for the diversity of thought, inclusiveness and hands-on approach at Union YTT – it’s truly a first class learning experience!” – Rachelle (2017 YTT graduate)


“The Union YTT program is more then just a teacher training program. After years of wondering how I could apply yoga to my professional world as a social worker I took the plunge to start the program. One if the reasons I was attracted to the program was the attention spent on special populations, but I quickly learned that it was so much more than that. It was a journey that lets anyone who is interested in teaching in the future or interested in the education and knowledge of gaining a deeper understanding of yoga explore in a safe and welcoming studio. The studio becomes a second home that welcomes you back no matter where you land with your practice. Learning yoga is a life long journey and I would encourage anyone who is contemplating the program to try and put no expectations or pressure of doing nothing more then showing up and giving your efforts and the rest will come.” –  Jenn (2016 YTT graduate)


“I went into Union’s Teacher Training Program eager to learn and fairly new to the practice. My yoga knowledge prior to participating in the training was limited but I knew that I absolutely loved the way that yoga made me feel and that I enjoyed being a part of the community that Union has cultivated. I was drawn to the human anatomy and physiology portion of this course. The content was very in-depth and has helped me have a greater understanding of why we have certain alignments in asanas and how to keep your body (and your student’s bodies) safe.The program prepares you to work with all different kinds of people and body types. I loved learning all about the history of yoga and how it has become what we know it as today. I came out of this program wide-eyed and with a whole new appreciation for my practice. The teachers are all incredible and each bring a different strength and basket of knowledge to the program. I’m grateful for the knowledge, tools, courage and friends that I have gained from this training.” – A.S. (2016 YTT Graduate)