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Comfort and Rest: A restorative yoga workshop

4-week online course with Kim McBean 


May 9th, 16th, 23th & 30th
Saturdays 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm


Cultivate Self-Affection; take time to pause, to rest, to go inside and simply JUST BE.

Restorative yoga supports nervous system regulation, improves sleep quality, boosts immunity and optimizes digestion. This nourishing and healing practice helps to foster mindful awareness, and qualities of gentle acceptance; to become more comfortable with the discomfort we are all experiencing during this pandemic.

Each week will include a brief discussion, supportive practice and self-reflection, as we explore and integrate themes of compassion, connection, courage and wisdom.

We are all doing the best we can, as we navigate these stressful times of uncertainty and change. Let’s come together as a community, to build inner and outer safety, to show ourselves some loving kindness through yoga and rest.

Cost – sliding scale

Sustainer $105
Supporter $90
Community $75
** There are 2 scholarship spots available at $45 + HST. Interested clients will contact to apply.


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Introduction to Mindfulness

4-week online course with Rose Mina Munjee

May 13th through June 3rd
Wednesdays, 7 pm – 8:15 pm


Who should attend:

Anyone with an interest in learning about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation in a supportive online setting. No experience needed.

What to expect:
Mindfulness refers to a way of being present, curious, and open to what is happening in the moment, with kindness.

It’s a skill that can be cultivated through meditation and other intentional practices, and is an especially useful skill to develop and apply in times of change and uncertainty.

In this 4-week series, learn simple and accessible meditation practices and other ways to practice mindfulness in everyday life, based on the Buddha’s teachings of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and evidence-based Mindfulness Based Interventions for mental health. This series includes periods of guided practice, discussion, and personal reflection. Recorded meditations will be provided for home practice.

Cost – sliding scale
$105 + hst Sustainer rate
$90 + hst Supporter rate
$75 + hst Community rate
** There are 2 scholarship spots available at $45 + HST. Interested clients will contact to apply.


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The Paths of Yoga: a philosophy & meditation offering

The Paths of Yoga: A philosophy and meditation offering

3-week online course with Taryn Diamond

June 2nd through 16th
Tuesdays, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm


Who is this for:
This course is ideal for keen students, experienced teachers, teachers in training, and anyone seeking to frame their physical asana practice within the context of yoga philosophy.What to expect:
This course will introduce the tenets, tools and key vocabulary of each of the 5 paths of yoga: jñana, karma, bhakti, rājā and hatha.

The overall objective in this course is to enable participants to meet their ‘yoga’:
How do you personally define ‘yoga’ as it is experienced and practiced today? This course will give you a footing in the context of yoga and greater insight for how it has travelled across time and space, and landed on your yoga mat.

The Paths of Yoga is a 3-part, interactive course introducing the 5 margas (or paths) of yoga.
Each 2 hour Zoom session will include:

– Yoga scripture study as it informs each of the five paths. We will explore verses from the Upanishads, Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita;
– Hearty small and large group discussions on the relevance of this knowledge as it pertains to your own yoga practice and context;
– A 30 min guided meditation (yoga nidra) to cap off all of your learning. Each nidra will be reflective of the theme we explored together and will provide opportunity for both deep rest and integration of everything you’ve learned.

Cost – sliding scale:
Sustainer rate: $105 + HST
Supporter rate: $90 + HST
Community rate: $75 + HST
** There are 2 scholarship spots available at $45 + HST. Interested clients will contact to apply.


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Half-Day Meditation Retreat

online retreat with Rose Mina Munjee
Sunday June 14th
1 pm – 4:30 pm


Support your meditation practice by attending this half-day retreat. This is a period of focused meditation practice, and an opportunity to disconnect from our default state of constant DO-ing, planning, worrying (etc!), and to practice BE-ing. Period of retreat provide an opportunity to recharge your inner resources of kindness, patience, and ease, so that you can be more present for your life and the needs of the world.

This half-day retreat includes periods of sitting and walking meditation, meditations on kindness (metta) and compassion (karuna), and some gentle guided movement. Guided instruction, longer periods of silence, and time for questions will be offered to support your practice.

Who is this for:
All those with some basic meditation experience, Yoga teachers, and Yoga teachers in training. The practices offered are designed to be accessible to all. If you are new to meditation, please consider signing up for our Intro to Mindfulness series that begins May 13.

Cost – sliding scale

$55 Benefactor Rate
$45 Sustainer Rate
$35 Supporter Rate
$25 Community Rate

** There are 2 Scholarship spots are available at $15. Interested clients will contact to apply.


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Workshops and pre-registered courses may be cancelled for a full refund a minimum of 7 days before the event or start date of course. For cancellations within 6 days studio credit only. To cancel, please email us. No makeup classes. All rates are subject to HST.  Please see our policies page for more details.