By Nicky Wright


Just think about it, you’re growing another human inside your body. That is amazing but I can imagine it to also be quite overwhelming. Physically, your body is growing at a fairly rapid rate, all your organs are shifting around to make room for baby and that is making what used to be a breeze a little more difficult. You are literally sharing your body with someone else. Emotionally, change is hard. You might be adjusting to sharing your body or worried about possible medical issues, or being a good parent, or the labour and birth process. It’s a lot.

Joining a multi-week Prenatal Yoga series might be a good idea. Prenatal Yoga is Yoga, just catered to the ever growing needs of pregnancy. There are many benefits but I think some of the more important ones are

●  A wonderful place to meet like-minded women in all stages of pregnancy for a greater sense of support and community. We could always use a little more support!

●  The postures taught in prenatal yoga classes are catered to the pregnant body, so you’ll learn some really great modifications to help keep you and baby safe as well as more mobile throughout all trimesters. ​Hint: you can take these modifications into your regular temperature yoga classes.

●  A deeper understanding of your pelvic floor and how it works as well as the multitude of new hormones and how they might affect your mobility, balance (and moods).

●  A place to build up your tool box with things like meditations, visualizations, mindfulness, vocal toning, pranayama techniques and strength based postures to build your physical endurance.

You can start Prenatal Yoga at any trimester. It really is dependant on how you’re feeling as I hear the first trimester can be kind of rough. Please know that even if you come to class and end up taking a nap, you’re doing great!

You can find Nicky hosting the next 7 week Prenatal Yoga series at Union on ​Wednesday March 7th – April 18th from 6 – 7pm.​ You can also find her teaching a regular temperature Hatha Yoga class on Tuesdays at 6pm.

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