aleks union yogaIn March last year, Union reached a significant milestone: our 100th member. We were super excited about this, and wanted to do something to recognize this growth in our community so we launched a “Member Profiles” Q+A. Every month or so we feature a different member of our community on our social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and now on our blog as well.

Here is our Q + A with Aleks, our 100th member:

When/how did you start practicing yoga? 

I have experimented with yoga in the past but it wasn’t until my friend Karin convinced me to come along with her to your studio that I started doing it on a regular basis. We started coming just before the New Year and it felt at first like a resolution I might not necessarily keep. I came into it with some scepticism. As a full figured woman I thought I would feel out of place and unable to follow along. And the reason that I had not pursued yoga before was because some classes and studios can be quite alienating to those who feel they are out-of-practice or out-of-shape. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw people of all sizes and skill levels at the Union Yoga studio. I also felt comfortable with my lack of practice and inspired to keep coming back to get better. The instructors at Union are helpful, kind and willing to modify and really explain things that may be challenging to newer yoga enthusiasts.

How often do you practice at Union?

I try to come at least once or twice a week but with the extreme weather it’s been difficult to come more often. I’m really looking forward to nicer weather when doing normal things isn’t such a chore. That said, I find the studio warm and inviting and on those days that I’m really dragging my heels I’m very glad I went.

What’s your favourite posture?

The first posture that comes to mind is savasana but it seems like a bit of a cheat to mention the easiest pose in yoga. It’s such a great way to end a yoga session, reflecting on the hard work and new poses you may have tried. I feel so centered and focused while in that pose. But, as I keep getting better I do feel proud of myself for mastering the various Warrior poses. It’s amazing how my body adapts to the challenging positions I put it in. I’m looking forward to getting better at the eagle pose which is my personal kryptonite.

What do you love about yoga OR what is your most memorable Union moment?

I recently had an ah-ha moment when Melissa helped me with my tree pose. For some reason, I just could not keep my balance and dreaded the moment this pose came up. But when Melissa broke down the pose for me in the most painstakingly minute details I finally got it and did not fall once. Now I’m working on getting my foot higher up my leg but it’s amazing to me that I have it up at all. These are the moments I love about yoga – when I finally get it.

When I’m not at the studio, I am …

When I’m not at the studio I try to read as much as I can. It’s a good thing I work with books otherwise I’d constantly get in trouble for the reading I do on the job. And as most hardcore readers know, I suffer from the various reading positions I put myself in. I’m trying to incorporate my yoga practice into my reading time even if it’s just to focus on my posture and breathing.


If you’d like to see what I’m reading feel free to follow me on Twitter @alekswrobel or on Instagram @alekssparrow

Big thanks to Aleks to answering our questions and for being a valued member of our growing community. Click here if you want to learn more about membership at Union.

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