What a great studio! Very friendly and supportive instructors, a big variety of classes, and a beautiful, welcoming space. As someone returning to yoga after a few years away (and after having a second baby and a C-section…yikes!), I appreciate the flexibility in the classes and the non-judgmental attitude that the instructors model. I feel challenged, but also accepted. Recommended for people at any level! – RB

After trying a few classes around the city, I’ve finally settled on Union Yoga, a non-pretentious, beautifully decorated, yoga space. Everyone is so welcoming. It’s right there on the website that the place is for everyone, yoga noobs and experienced practitioners alike and it’s totally accurate in my experience. The teachers are great and know how to push you to your limit, while encouraging you to breathe and work at your own pace. – A.T. 

This is the first full membership I’ve had, and I am thrilled with the classes (and results). The teachers are amazing, and I feel like I’ve found a regular rotation of classes that have really helped me get my strength and flexibility back. Disclaimer: I’ve had a string of bad concussions, and my last one – which happened at the end of August – has really held on. Yoga is pretty much the only activity I can do that doesn’t aggravate my symptoms too-too much and, as a former roller derby player, it has been so great to re-establish a connection with my body, and be able to incorporate something athletic back into my life again. On that note, I also appreciate the “no questions asked” policy when someone can’t do (or opts out of) a certain posture. I’ve been to classes at other studios where there is this overwhelming pressure to keep pushing yourself past your limits — which certainly wouldn’t work for anyone recovering from any sort of injury, and in my case, a completely invisible one. –K.A. 

My classes were excellent , caring & tailored to what I could & could not do, while providing all the essential elements of Vinyasa Yoga. It’s a great place to come for yoga, and to connect with heart to oneself and others. Thanks for bringing something very special to our neighbourhood and for contributing to a Renaissance on Bloor. – WK 

I love Union Yoga, I love the instructors, the space and the laid-back vibe. I know I can achieve my goals there, but I don’t feel pushed, and I feel genuinely accepted in my practice despite always being the largest body in the room. – RW

Relaxing, and welcoming environment. Easy to follow beginner classes that encourage people to do the variation that feels right for their body. – CV.

I like the atmosphere you’ve created around yoga – strong and self-focused – but not pretentious. It’s a very welcoming studio with a range of class types for all ability levels. – MR

Warm welcoming staff and teachers, diverse and inclusive community, great location, and awesome class variety! – SL

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