By Erin Wilbur


We all know and love our favourite yoga teachers – maybe we follow them on social media, and get a brief chat in with them here and there before class. But when they’re not up there in front of a room, serving us, guiding us, adjusting us, chanting with us… what do those elusive characters really get up to?

The truth is, we’re all different. Personally, I hold down a pretty demanding job when I’m not teaching. I have highs, and lows. I get mad at people. I get mad at myself. I have successes, and I certainly have failures. Sometimes it’s hard to find peace.

Years ago, I learned one magic trick for creating balance in my life. It was as simple as getting onto a mat, and moving my body around. I found solace in coming home to my breath, and discovered the movements of asana felt cathartic in my body. True to my Aries spirit, and after a few years of practice, I found my soul seeking more.

The opportunity to study yoga in a deeper way revealed itself through teacher training – and I dove in headfirst. Did I know what I wanted to do with this training? Of course not (again… I’m an Aries). However, I can tell you that from the moment I arrived in training, I felt like the universe started connecting dots that had long been lingering in space around me. The following is a brief overview of what I think is so special about teacher training:

• It’s an opportunity to dive beyond the ‘physical’ practice and learn the history, philosophy and mythology of this beautiful, ancient practice.

• It’s an immersion in the physical practice, giving you the space and time to deeply explore the physical elements outside of the typical public yoga class.

• Your tribe reveals itself – yes, you meet people who totally get what you’re into, and you get to spend a whole bunch of time with them.

• Your self reveals itself – teacher training is challenging, amazing and illuminating. This is where you figure out what you stand for, and what you need to release in order to grow.

• You might actually decide to be a yoga teacher. I did. Not all of the time (again… Aries…) but I certainly felt a calling to share this amazing practice and I have, for the last 7 years. It’s been the most remarkable, affirming, and magical journey.

Or you might decide not to be a yoga teacher – but your awareness will have grown and evolved and you will have a gift inside of you that will always be a part of you. That’s pretty amazing.

Come chat with us about our upcoming teacher training and see if the fit is right for you!


Erin Wilbur teaches Hot Flow on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 pm, and Saturdays at 1 pm. Erin is a faculty member of Union Yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training which begins again in February 2017. Enrolment is open now – and early bird pricing available until December 31ST .

Learn more about our upcoming YTT here, and join us at our Open House to meet Erin and the other faculty members on December 8th from 7:45 – 9 pm. Please RSVP.