Our Class Types

Our teachers have diverse training and life experiences and so no two classes will be taught exactly the same way. If you are new to our studio, take advantage of our Intro Pass ($50 for 3 weeks of unlimited classes) to discover which classes you love the most.

Note: All classes labeled “hot” or “warm” are taught in our heated studio. The studio is heated to approximately ~34-35 degrees Celsius for hot classes, and to ~28-30 degrees Celsius for warm classes.

Hatha Yoga

Move through foundational yoga postures one at a time, breathe deeply, and practice being in the moment.  Hatha classes promote balance, strength, flexibility, and stillness in the mind, and are suitable to all levels.

Flow Classes

Inspired by Vinyasa yoga in the tradition of Sri Kirshnamacharya, flow classes link postures with breath in playful and creative sequencing, to create a moving meditation and build heat in the body. Cultivate strength and flexibility, get your heart rate up, and have fun.

Level 1: Level 1 classes introduce the practice of linking breath with movement, and moving through foundational vinyasa or “flow” transitions. Instructors offer detailed alignment cues and suggestions on use of props and modifications. Level 1 classes are accessible to all levels and are great for students who are comfortable in Hatha classes as well as seasoned yogis looking to refine their practice.

Level 1-2: This class is geared towards students who have some knowledge of foundational yoga postures and transitional vinyasa postures (downward dog, plank, chatturanga, upward dog or cobra). Expect to flow faster through sequences, and to be introduced to more challenging postures, including beginner arm balances and inversions. Variations and modifications are offered and students are encouraged to go at their own pace.

Level 2: For students who are comfortable in a Level 1-2 class, this class introduces more challenging sequences of postures, including deeper backbends, inversions and arm balancing postures. More subtle aspects of alignment are explored and modifications provided for more advanced postures. Not recommended for beginners.

All levels: A great options for all students who love to flow. We recommend that you attend at least three Level 1 Flow classes before attending an All Levels class.  Options are provided to increase the degree of challenge or intensity, but as always you can go at your own pace and take rest or modify as needed.


Open to all levels, restorative yoga is a slow and meditative class geared towards to opening the body and stilling the mind through supported postures, held for longer periods of time. Restorative yoga a wonderful complement to more active yoga practices. Yoga props (bolsters, blankets, etc.) are used to achieve comfortable and supported postures to passively stretch the body.

Flow & Restore

Open to all levels, this class is a perfect balance of active and restful yoga practice. Warm up the body as you move through a vinyasa inspired flow class, and then surrender body and mind to a slow and soothing restorative practice. Leave feeling calm and refreshed!


This accessible, restful class is built around stillness, intention-setting, breathwork. Nidra has students resting in a comfortable savasana for time (20-30min) while being guided to progressively deeper levels of relaxation. Participants leave feeling rested and connected. This class may involve some gentle movement.

Community Classes

Community classes are regular Union Yoga classes that are offered for the reduced price of $10 per class. Currently there are two community classes offered: Hot Hatha on Mondays at 12 pm, and Hot Pilates on Thursdays at 8:30 am. Class passes are also accepted.


Pilates is a mind-body workout practice specifically designed to strengthen the core of the body — front, side, back and deep within. Focus is on the relationship between mobility and stability, proper breathing, and spinal/pelvic alignment. Pilates will help to move your body towards balance so that it can work optimally on and off the mat. Pilates classes at Union will be taught in the contemporary style with props and lots of options/modifications.


The best of a strengthening yoga flow and Pilates class all wrapped up into one awesome movement experience.  Bring a towel, or rent from us—you are sure to sweat and feel the burn!

Hot Body Tone

A vigorous, fitness-inspired class that strengthens the body’s foundation through a series of core exercises that target, tone, and define the major muscle groups. Small weights are used to isolate and fatigue the muscles in order to build strength and yoga flows keep the body moving between the core exercises. Set to an upbeat soundtrack, hot body tone is a fun, fast-paced, high-octane class that will elevate your heart rate, make you sweat and put a smile on your face!

Yin + Meditation

 A practice designed to rejuvenate both the physical and emotional body. Transition to longer-held passive stretches supported by props to increase flexibility and to facilitate deeper introspection. Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditations/visualizations are infused throughout the class.


 YANG – Class begins with warming up the body and quieting the mind through an accessible yet strong therapeutic flow, moving with a slow and smooth breath.

YIN – Transition to longer held passive stretches supported by props to increase flexibility and to facilitate deeper introspection. Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditations/visualizations are infused throughout the class.
Expect pranayama and meditations throughout, with occasional wind chimes, bar chimes, and singing to deepen your meditations and rest..

LYB-Friendly Classes

We offer LYB-friendly classes—these are classes within our regular schedule which are taught by an instructor who has specialized training from the LoveYourBrain Foundation to support people living with the effects of a traumatic brain injury.  Alumni from our LYB 6-week yoga series are eligible to pay a $5 flat rate for these classes.