Kids Yoga

Kid’s yoga is a fun, energetic, and playful yoga practice just for kids! Yoga is proven to help children develop strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, calmness, self-awareness, concentration, and self-esteem. Yoga is a also a great way for kids to gain greater self-confidence, and make new friends.


If you have questions or would like to book a private class for birthday party or other event, please feel free to send us an email or call the studio at 416-516-0909.


Course Dates

Kid’s Yoga 6-12 Years Old

Monday March 13th at 12 pm
Wednesday March 15th at 4 pm
Friday March 17th at 10 am


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Yoga for Tweens and Teens (12+)

Yoga is for all ages! This pre-registered series is specially tailored to teens and tweens (12+). Classes are lead by an experienced instructor, and are offered in our regular temperature studio.
Yoga is fun, physically challenging, non-competitive, and helps promote:

– self-acceptance
– self-awareness
– concentration and focus
– mindfulness
– strength and flexibility

For inquiries please send us an email or call the studio at 416-516-0909.

Course Dates

Yoga for Tweens and Teens (12+)

No current dates scheduled.

Interested in Yoga at your child’s school or for a birthday party? Contact us and we can set you up with one of our experienced and friendly instructors.