By Christine Noonan.


You may have started your yoga journey with some beginner classes. After some time, as you became comfortable and you felt your confidence grow and it was easier to marry breath and movement together, you wondered what the next step was. So you decided to journey into a flow (vinyasa) class. After all, you’ve been doing yoga for a while now – you’ve got this! Soon after your class starts, the teacher uses the words “flow” or “vinyasa”, and you do a quick scan to try to see what everyone else is doing, but there are so many confusing movements happening in a seemingly orderly sequence! It’s like everyone else knew what would happen in class and you’re left out! You feel panicky and wonder if it’s too late to sneak out of the class. Is it? What is happening?

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. I see this ‘deer in the headlights look’ quite often. In fact, some of the frequently asked questions I get from students are “what happens in a sun salutation?”, or “I’m confused about chaturanga. Can you explain it?”.

A sun salutation, or Surya Namaskar (surya, meaning sun, and namaskar, meaning ‘gesture of respect’), has changed over thousands of years within yoga history. Once a series of sacred words and actions performed to honour each new day and the rising of the sun, the sun salutation is now known in the West as a series of yoga poses performed mostly to warm up the body in preparation for more vigourous sequences.

Learning how to move safely through a sun salutation can be a useful yoga tool to build strength, generate heat within the body, and prepare you to continue on with a full practice.

If you are new to yoga or a vinyasa practice join us for Flow Foundations on Saturday March 3 to learn the fundamentals of this practice and walk away feeling confident as you flow!

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Christine Noonan uses yoga as her creative outlet to help others connect to their body, mind and breath. She began her wellness career over ten years ago as a massage therapist and found her way to the mat in 2007. Christine has completed several certifications with YYoga in Vancouver, which fuelled her love for the foundations of yoga and how each and every body has something to gain from this practice. Her classes include an integrated focus on the poses of yoga as well as the community that is formed from practicing together. Students enjoy her refreshing approach to teaching – you can expect to challenge yourself yet smile and laugh along the way. Christine enjoys learning from those around her and watching her yoga journey continually grow and change.