How to keep connected to your heart intelligence in a society that prides itself on mind intelligence.

Urban Yogi Guide

by Lauryn Zuk


Q: Are you feeling a loss of connection to passion, tired of everyday? Have you lost that urge to follow your heart?

A: City life tends to put emphasis on the “thinking mind”. This makes it easy to get stuck in your head and lose a connection to “heart intelligence”. I am not suggesting the heart and mind are separate – in fact the answer here may be about re-igniting that relationship between heart and mind.

The rhythm of the heart is a powerful guide and when you take time to reconnect to centre, everyday choices start to come from a place of wholeness. Like any practice, cultivating this rhythm takes training, patience and time.

Now try this:

• Close your eyes place a hand on your heart and a hand on your belly.

• Inhale, send the breath to the space behind your heart, feel the ribs and chest expand as your belly lifts. • Exhale, follow the breath down your spine, draw belly inward and pause: empty.

• REPEAT, keeping palms connected to the body; slowly start to sync up the pace of your breath with the pulse of your heart • Forget about trying to control your thoughts or still the mind. When you focus the inner gaze on breath-connection, the mind slowly follows.

Did you know? The electromagnetic pull of your heart is real. Studies shows your heart sends more messages to your brain than the brain sends to the heart!


Q: How to stay connected to “heart longings”, while still “keeping up” with the expectations and productivity demands of a bustling city?

A: OK, this is a constant dance between productivity and slowing down to ground back to the lust of your heart. This is the cosmic dance – the dance that means you are alive. Sure, it has its downs – but try to keep moving, even if your movement is so small it cannot be seen with a human eye. Even if your movement is lying still, but watching your breath expand and contract. Don’t look back – move forward, set intentions and let it ride………

Now try this:

• Perhaps wandering into a new neighbourhood, (without planning a shopping trip or lunch date) could be good to shake up the routine mind. Be safe of course, stay aware of your surroundings ; )

• Maybe checking out a new art gallery, a local band, or a path in the park you wouldn’t usually take. The idea is to “do” without expecting something tangible in return.

• For the purpose of this exercise try to experience the cityscape not as a consumer, but as a “soul” floating in space!

Did you know?

French Situationist, Philosopher and Artist, Guy Debord used to take walks (in Paris in the 40s) without destination. Not just to clear his head, but as a pure act of flow! There is even a term coined for this, “derive”. This movement is about following the path of least resistance – just moving forward through urban environments and big city streets. Leaving habits behind – indeed a rare thing in the big city – who has the time? Action without a goal is in itself an oddity of our society.


Q: Why does any of this matter – it sounds unpractical and flakey?

A: Yes, I agree this sounds unpractical and flakey. I am a business person, but sometimes it “pays” to follow the words of Ram Dass – “be a soul not a role”.

There is nothing normal about being alive, you are a vibrating ball of bliss – shake off that “self” you have constructed and laugh at yourself alone in the mirror. I ask you — have you met a normal person?

Now try this:

• Forget everything I just said and close your eyes – listen to your own heart.

• Feel the pull of that beating nothingness – it is everything!

• Let this compel you to move forward – at any speed, in any direction – just do it with heart.

Did you know?

This is a productive path in the end! Staying connected to the pulls of your heart, will likely make you feel more fulfilled. An individual connected to their passion will be a more productive contributing member of society, more creative and more activated to make positive change in their community. Self-care heals and restores your energy – that energy can be channeled into good things around you.


“My heart is burning with love. All I can see is this flame. My heart is pulsating with passion, like waves on an ocean. I am at home, wherever I am. And in the room of lovers, I can see with closed eyes the beauty that dances. Behind the veils intoxicated with love, I too dance the rhythm of this moving world” – Rumi



Lauryn Zuk is a yoga teacher, creative producer and poet. She first encountered yoga as a student in Asia, where she was introduced to meditation and pranayama technique. Returning home to Toronto, Lauryn realized the practice was more valuable than she imagined – coming back to the bustle of city life – yoga became a sacred sanctuary to reconnect. Lauryn is a graduate from Octopus Garden’s 200-hour Teacher Training in Toronto and is a certified Trance Dance teacher by Shiva Rea’s Samudra School in California. She has spent many hours growing her teaching and recharging her heart in Prana Flow workshops with Shiva Rea throughout the United States. Lauryn is grateful for the opportunity to share the journey inward through movement, in a safe space open to all. She hopes to pass on the peace yoga practice has offered her: the gentle reminder to return home to Pure Love that is always in your heart. Connect with Lauryn on Facebook at Poetree Yoga & Flow Arts or Twitter @LaurynElanZuk. @PoetreeYoga&FlowArts