Signing Up

Book online for popular classes (you still have to arrive at least 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin to claim that spot – more below). Drop in to classes in off-peak hours.  If you have signed up online but then realize that you can’t make it to class, please cancel your online reservation before class starts to make space for others.  (See policies for more info). To sign up online for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account and pay ahead for your class. Our Intro Pass is a great place to start – $50 + HST for 3 weeks of unlimited classes – and it only activates when you come in for your first class. Get started here!

NEW! Union’s online booking policy changes Oct 1st, 2019.

Food & Drink

Bring a water bottle! Avoid heavy meals before class, but stay well hydrated before, during, and after class.  For your safety, please do not bring glass containers into the studio.

When To Arrive

Arrive 15 minutes before class to sign in at the front desk, turn off your phone, and gather your props + consent card. Even if you have preregistered, please always sign in at the front desk.  Latecomers are not permitted, to maintain a peaceful studio space for other students.

Safety First

Abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or discriminatory language or behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove any patron creating an unsafe environment without refund.

Upon arrival, please advise the instructor of any injuries or health conditions that may affect your practice, including pregnancy, recent surgeries, hearing loss, or other. Pregnant women are not advised to practice in the hot room without approval from a health care provider.

Please take breaks and drink water as needed, and feel free to modify your practice at any time.

If you are sick, please skip class. While you may enjoy the heat when you have a cough or cold, germs spread faster in the heat and we would like to keep everyone healthy and smiling. Stay home, keep hydrated, and put your head over a bowl of steaming hot water for some relief.

Our classes are open to all adults 18 years and up. Youth 14 and up may attend regular temperature classes with a parent or legal-age caregiver; Youth 16 and up may attend regular temperature classes on their own with written consent of a parent or caregiver.

Consent Cards

We use consent cards in all of our Yoga and Pilates classes. Consent cards let your teachers know whether or not you like hands-on adjustments during class. The cards say Yes on one side, and No on the other. Your “No” is just as valued as your “Yes” and you can change your mind any time. Please take a card before each class and place it near the top of your mat. Read more about creating a culture of consent on our blog.

As a Courtesy to Other Yogis

When you enter the studio, arrange your mat and any props quietly and please keep talking to a minimum. Many students use their time before class to relax or meditate.

Union is a technology-free zone.  Please turn off your phone when you arrive.  Phones must be completely turned off in yoga studios, changerooms and showers.

Union Yoga is a scent-free facility. No perfumes or colognes, please. Help keep our studio clean. Please use your towel to wipe up any sweat left on the floor around your mat after class.

In the hot room, we recommended that you place a towel on your mat to prevent slipping.

Use of a towel is mandatory with rental mats.

Please do not leave the studio during opening or closing meditation.

Personal Belongings

Tuck away personal belongings in the change rooms to avoid clutter in the studio. There are cubbies inside the studio for you to store any valuables you do not wish to leave in the change rooms, but whenever possible please try to leave these at home. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Move. Sweat. Breath. Love.